About us

About Disability Medway Network

Our mission

Our primary goal is to increase the voice and visibility of people with disabilities within society. The group does this by raising awareness of both hidden and physical disabilities through an on-line Facebook group and by running activities throughout the Medway Towns. To combat the loneliness more often faced by people with a disability, we encourage and champion greater social integration within mainstream society.

Disability Medway Network  was first set up as a Facebook group just after the 2016 European referendum.

Disability Medway Network

Disability Medway Network was set up to be the voice of people with disabilities in Medway. We want to increase the visibility of people with disabilities, help us to take a greater role in society and encourage society to be more accepting of us. We want to be a forum for information and signposting about opportunities and services for people with disabilities in Medway.

Our aims

To encourage and support people with disabilities to take up a greater role in society.
To become a forum for people with disabilities to give their views about how things are run.
To raise awareness of both physical and hidden disability’s.
To campaign for improved disability services and facilities.
To promote both physical and mental wellbeing.
Help combat loneliness.

Disability Medway Network is also a information group and gives information about disability based groups and any other useful groups in and around Medway.

Connecting People

Disability Medway Network aims to connect people to different groups and new people in Medway,