2022 newsletter for Disability Medway Network CIC


Welcome to Disability Medway Network CIC 2022 newsletter Disability Medway Network became a community interest company (CIC) in 2019. To give people with disabilities a bigger voice in the community, we also helped to connect the disability community with different support groups. 


Joe founder of Disability Medway Network CIC, Trustee of BELIVE Medway and CO-directer of BushKraft CIC .

Events and campaigns

Throughout 2022  Disability Medway Network CIC has been working on a series of posts looking at money managment like budgeting and stuff like preventing fraud and scams https://www.disabilitymedwaynetwork.org.uk/category/money-matters/ I have been using these posts to educate myself about money managment and when I learn more I will post more. 

In June 2022 Disability Medway Network CIC worked with Medway Climate Change to put on our first focus group looking at how climate change will affect people with disabilities. We were able to get some great action points and feedback. We are hoping to put on more projects with them in 2023.

In August 2022 Disability Medway Network CIC was able to get funding from the Kent Community Foundation (Kcf) to start up digital education workshops aimed at helping people over 65 and people with disabilities to become more digitally active. 

In December Disability Medway Network CIC did some work with Disabled Students UK looking at how universities can address their accessibility issues. We hope to work with them more in 2023.


Growing network 

We are slowly growing our network of support groups. Along with groups that we already work with like: 

New groups that we have worked with:

Useful websites


Money management 

For more Useful websites please visit https://www.disabilitymedwaynetwork.org.uk/

Unfortunately Disability Medway Network CIC has not been able to organise as many events this year as I have been studying towards a law degree at the Open University.

Thank you for reading the Disability Medway Network CIC 2022 newsletter and we look forward to putting on more events in the future.

Joe – Director and Founder of Disability Medway Network CIC


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