Why I believe there should be personal financial education.

(This is in no way financial advice, this is just me talking about my experience.)

In this post, I have added links to useful financial help and information sites,

For example, I have learned that it is not best to keep your money in one bank account. Different bank account offers you different stuff, ways of saving and different interest rates. One thing that I did find out is that you can have more than one bank account. WHAT ARE SAVING ACCOUNTS, money-saving expert Top savings accounts, moneysupermarket top savings accounts.

I also found out that your credit score is important as things like banks look at it in order to offer you different products for example they look at your credit score to see what mortgage they can offer you. a company will do a soft search, that doesn’t affect your score. or they do a hard search, that will impact your score

Finally, I have found some really good tools that help you set up a budgeting plan Money helper budgeting planer

if you are on a low income or have a disability or both, see if you can get any help with benefits. Use this benefits calculator to see if you can get any help.

Managing your personal finances is hard. It is made harder with little to no education around the subject.

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