STAART – Support through *AccessAbility retention and transition

University life can be challenging. Many new students are moving from a structured environment at home or at work, school or college to a situation where they will need to balance independent study with their other commitments and social lives. For disabled and diverse students, these challenges can be more extensive, so good preparation and organisation is important. With STAART, we support students through this transition.

STAART at an awareness event

There are several ways to access STAART support. Students can:

  • Follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts for news and information or to talk to us and fellow students
  • Attend a transition day before the start of term for a tour of the campus and library, and to meet our *AccessAbility Ambassadors
  • Book a place at one of our Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning workshop or one-to-one sessions, for study tips and advice
  • Join our private Facebook group for peer-to-peer support.

Disabled and dyslexic students at the University of Greenwich and local disabled and dyslexic students (year 11 onwards) can join the team here

There is currently no end date as this is a rolling project and students can join at any time.

If you would like more information about disability and dyslexia and higher education, and what our *AccessAbility Ambassadors are doing, you can find out more by following our social channels:


  • Facebook: University of Greenwich – STAART
  • Twitter: @GRE_STAART

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