2019 local elections in Medway

May 2nd local elections

One of the goals of Disability Medway Network is to encourage people with disabilities to become an active member within their societies and to get the voice heard.

In February I got selected to stand as a candidate in the May 2nd local elections. The overall experience was really fun. I met some great people and talked about their concerns on the doorsteps I also had two fantastic running mates. The night of the count was long, tiring but exciting and the general atmosphere was really good.

To view, all of the Medway results click on the link Medway elects

Although this group is aimed at encouraging a wider involvement in society and politics I did not advertise my run on this group before the election as this would have been overtly party political. However, I feel it important, that our representatives should reflect the society around them and for this to come about, people of all ability should feel able to run for political office.


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  1. How fantastic Joseph really proud of you for standing up and speaking out. Well done.
    Mrs Hazelden.

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